A Mid 18th Century Yew Tallboy Chest

A Mid 18th Century Yew Tallboy Chest of very narrow proportions.

This piece of furniture was recently restored in our workshop.

Amongst some of the repairs that we carried out to it were:

This piece of furniture had suffered damage to the cross-grained mouldings
which run under the top. Some were lifting and some were missing.
We glued down the loose and lifting mouldings and let in pieces of yew cross-grain
where the original was missing. We then re-moulded these pieces to match in with
the shape of the original.
We also repaired the damaged mouldings to the edges of the drawers.
All the repairs were carefully coloured in to match in with the original and
the whole piece was revived and waxed up.

Some of the small brass swan-neck handles and ring backplates were missing and we
we were able to replace these from our stock of old handles.